Al Baik is a Saudi fast food chain that opened its first branch in Jeddah in 1974. 

Predominantly popular for its affordable yet delicious fried chicken meals, the restaurant instantly became a household name in many of the kingdom's cities and has been one ever since. 

To this day, thousands queue in line for hours to get their Al Baik fix. 

People's obsession with the restaurant is so real, it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

Don't believe us? 

Here's proof: 

1. This is what happens when the restaurant opens its doors every single day

2. Want to pick a fight with someone in Saudi? Tell them: Al Baik sucks

3. Want to get someone out of bed real quick? An Al Baik meal will do the trick

"I decided to go to bed but then heard my family saying they're ordering Al Baik." 

4. People write poems dedicated to the restaurant

"I love talking to you as much as people love Al Baik."  

5. "No matter where you go, you'll always come back to Al Baik"

6. People's love for it is just endless...

7. The queues are endless too

8. "Al Baik is an addiction"

9. The struggle is real

10. So real, couriers offer to deliver Al Baik meals to Riyadh, a city where the chain is yet to open

11. Yes, there's an Al Baik "black market"

12. Quite the phenomenon