Women make up around 49 percent of the population in Egypt -- the most populous Arab country in the region.

A physician, a dentist, or a pharmacist -- those are the most prominent professions for women in Egypt ... probably because the family just wants you to become a brilliant doctora and make them proud.

Whatever the reason may be behind you choosing the medical field, being a doctor is sometimes epic and being a female doctor, even more. Here's why:

1. Your foreign friends assume that you only treat female patients

2. Your foreign friends think it's rare in your country to have female doctors

About 50 percent of physicians in Egypt are women. 60 percent of dentists in the country and 48 percent of pharmacists are women too. 

So no, it's not a rare thing.

3. The anatomy class was hilarious

If you're a shorty, then chances are you had to stand on a chair to see what went up on the board because your male classmates standing in front of you were much taller.

4. Again, if you're short, people will have a hard time trusting you're actually a physician

... and not some middle school kid in scrubs.

5. That moment when your patients are typical curious aunties ...

... and they stare at your hands looking for the engagement ring to know if you're single or not.

Can you please not? Thank you!

6. And their reaction when they can't see because you're wearing gloves

7. So they ask!

8. Undercover suiters pretending to be patients to take a closer look at you

And you have no idea. Your coworkers tell you later on.

9. Nurses volunteering to set you up all the time

Seriously, what's wrong with being single? 

10. Your patients hitting on you is the most awkward thing ever!

11. Some patients not trusting you are strong enough to pull out their extra strong molar ...

... because you are a woman!

12. Their face when you're holding the extracted tooth in your hand and looking at them is priceless!

13. Questions from foreign professors you see at medical conferences ...

Regarding if it's normal to be an educated woman in modern-day Egypt. Please. 

14. You have some cheeky patients calling you everything in the book

... except your freaking job title!

You're called a teacher, an engineer, a bride, my daughter, my sister, aunt, nurse, miss, ma'am, granny.

It's doctor. I earrrrrnedddddddddd that!