There are a lot of reasons to love Palestine, and music is a major one. Here is a collection of songs that will give you all the feels.

You're Welcome! 

1. Murad Swaity (Mawtini)

Mawtini (my homeland) is a very popular poem among Arabs.

It was penned by Palestinian poet Ibrahim Tuqan in 1934, and its music written by Lebanese composer Mohammed Flayfel. 

It was used as Palestine's national anthem up until 1996. 

In 2004, it was re-adopted as the national anthem of Iraq. Enjoy the song in the melodious voice of Murad Swaity from Jericho.

2. Mohammad Assaf (Ya Teyr Ettayer)

A beautiful  tribute to Palestine and its people. Here, it is performed by Mohammed Assaf, the winner of Arab idol in 2013.

3. Omar alAbdullat (Ya Jabal Ma Yhezzak Ree7)

Just another reason to love Palestine.

4. Murad al-Swaity (3ali Koufiyeh)

3ali Koufiyeh, or raise your Palestinian scarf, is the ultimate patriotic song. Here, it is performed by Murad al-Swaity in Super Star - a widely popular talent show. 

5. Mahmoud Badawiya & Manal Moussa (Jafra w Zareef)

Jafra w Zareef  is a Palestinian song from the folklore tradition. It is widely popular and still played in almost every festive occasion. Dabke, anyone? 

6. Yaacoub Shaheen (Te3la w tet3ammar ya dar)

Yacoub Shaheen wowed the Arab World with his incredible vocals throughout Arab Idol's fourth season. And in February, the Palestinian Syriac Christian singer officially became the competition's winner, making the small Middle Eastern country the first Arab nation to win the immensely popular singing competition twice.