Food is an Arab mother's domain. But for an Egyptian mother, it's a whole different universe. 

Endlessly generous and giving, your sett el walda is always showing how much she cares through the vast quantity and high quality food she prepares for her family. 

We all know that mothers tell us they love us through food, but have you ever paid attention to the other things she tells you with her tasty dishes? 

When your mother still cooks the some food she usually does despite you telling her you are trying to lose weight/turning vegetarian.

Your mother is really trying to say: "You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know what's best for you. Just sit down and eat."  

2. When your mother goes out of her way to cook your favourite food

Your mother is saying: "I know you're having a tough time with things. I support you no matter what, and everything will be OK eventually."   

3. When your mother spends all day cooking for guests

Your mother is saying: "Touch this food before the guests get here, and I will kill you." 

4. When your mother starts making lesan 3asfour soup, sauteed veggies and orange juice

Your mother is saying: "I can sense you are on the verge of a cold, here have this akl el3ayaneen (food for the ill) and go take a nap."  

5. When there is no food in the kitchen

Your mother is extremely unhappy. When your mother is unhappy, the whole family is unhappy, so do something to solve this issue, NOW! 

6. When your mother always makes sure there is enough food to feed you and your 5 friends at any given time

Your mother is saying: " I love having you around. I love having your friends around. Having a full house of fed people makes me proud and happy. The more the merrier!" 

7. When your mother has a table full of food waiting for you for when you come back from a dinner out with friends

Your mother is saying: "Those fancy shmancy restaurants ain't got nothing on my cooking. You can't convince me you're full after eating those tiny portions. Sit down and eat like a normal person." 

When your mother makes you something very basic and simple - food without 'rou7' (soul)


Your mother is saying: "I'm annoyed with you. Lem nafsak. Fix your attitude and get your life together."