Undeniably, fathers can be a bit too strict at times. And yes, sometimes they can make you feel like crap, but you wouldn't trade them for the world.

Here are 13 posts about your Arab dad that are too true:

1. He can talk the talk, and walk the walk

Source: StepFeed

2. Sarcasm is a skill he's born with

3. He's the human version of an alarm clock

4. He could be a bit too loud sometimes

5. And cusses himself out pretty much all the time

Source: StepFeed

6. He calls you names, out of pure love

7. He prioritizes his family ... and the remote control

8. He has one hand gesture that gives you goosebumps

9. His over-protectiveness is unmatched, and that's a fact

10. Food is pretty much always on his mind

11. "Mispronunciations" should be his middle name

12. Deep down, you know he's as sweet as qatayef

13. And the shoulder you can lean on through it all