Leaving your childhood Arab home happens to all of us ... someday.

Whether we're moving to a new exciting place like Dubai for work, heading off to study in Beirut or leaving to start our own homes with a significant other, there's going to be a lot to miss. 

It may be exciting at first, living alone, the freedom ... but in the end, we all find ourselves feeling nostalgic for the comfort of our Arab parents' home. 

1. Because nobody can cook quite like your Arab mom

2. You'll miss the endless supply of pita bread ...

2. When you get cold, you'll go searching for one of these blankets

3. The bills for kahraba and water will stack up, and you'll have a new respect for your parents

4. You might even get nostalgic for all the times your parents said "inshallah"

5. It will be so quiet without your mom's phone calls

6. You'll forget your tupperware at work, and suddenly understand your mom in a new way

7. When you get sick, you'll struggle to remember all of mom's remedies

8. But you'll learn quickly to keep Panadol on hand

9. And you'll call your parents whenever you miss their exaggerated attempts at showing love

10. You'll probably even miss the parental insults

11. You might even hang your own evil eye ... because it can't hurt, right?

12. But probably most of all, you'll miss your mom doing the laundry

At the end of the a stressful week, it's the last thing you'll want to do.  

You'll realize freedom from your parents isn't all fun and games ... but it's OK, you're becoming an adult. Grab some OMO and suck it up.