Saudi police are having none of it when it comes to people littering in the kingdom's streets.

Earlier this week, officers who spotted a family leaving trash in a public area located in Saudi's Al Jubail governorate forced them to come back and pick up their litter.

Footage capturing the incident went viral on Saudi Twitter soon after, amassing more than 320,000 views at the time of writing. The video has also led to a huge response from Saudis on social media. 

Thousands of are hailing the police for their action and many are also shedding light on the importance of holding those who harm the environment accountable for their actions. 

The news broke on Saudi Twitter

Angering thousands

"A person who's well mannered and respectable would never think of leaving a place before picking up their trash. You want a space to be clean when you arrive at it? Clean up after yourself before you leave." 

"I don't know when people will understand and become civilized"

Some just can't even with the news

"So police must use force? If they did this in a public park, what do they do in their own home?"

"If the same family were in a Western country, they wouldn't have littered anywhere"

"This is a behavioral matter and those responsible for it should be: 

1- The Ministry of Education, who must offer educational lectures on the matter. 

2- Families, who should teach their children not to litter."

Many are hailing the police for their action

"This will teach them a lesson." 

Others are now calling on authorities to do the same across the kingdom

"We want this to start happening in governorates across the kingdom. We're truly suffering from unfortunate sights in Jeddah, Taif, Medina, and Mecca. People haven't even been respecting the sanctity of holy places here. We need a strict punishment system in response to all this."