Arab moms are unique in every sense of the word. From Alaska to Cairo, there seems to be a lot of character traits that unite them all. 

They all have certain items in their homes and you can easily tell you've been raised by one when you compare domestic experiences with foreigners. 

Here are 10 tweets that sum up your life if your mother is Arab:

1. They have mastered the art of being passive aggressive

Attempting to ask for help gets you nowhere, and if you decide to do something on your own, you'll probably end up doing it all wrong. 

2. They know their rhymes

You know you've made your Arab mom angry when she starts saying things that make absolutely no sense. 

3. They have better spying skills than the FBI

She's not asking you to know the answer, she's asking to see if you're going to lie about it or not. 

4. Their definition of medicine is pretty versatile

If your serum bag wasn't replaced with a can of 7UP, were you really raised by an Arab mom?

5. They have their very own starter pack

"Where are you going?" and "who are you with?" are questions you're now accustomed to answering every single day. 

6. They don't care who the real victim is

Because the person standing right in front of them is going to get yelled at... even if it's the delivery guy standing outside your front door. 

7. They can't miss a detail

Arab moms will try to zoom in on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, the pimple on your face... and basically everything. 

8. They crochet everything

Play Station with absolutely nothing decorating it? A disgrace. 

9. They believe house keeping is a full time job

Arab moms will literally set an alarm at 6 A.M. to clean the cupboards, all the carpets in the house, and change the sheets... and then go on telling guests to excuse them for the mess. 

10. They play by some sort of invisible rule book

There's a secret reason we all find our Arab moms relatable.