There's something very special, yet common, about being in an Arab's home, giving you that deja-vu feeling the moment you walk in.

How these things become a staple agreed upon by all Arabs, we are yet to unveil this mystery...

For now, take a look at these 10 things you'll find in every Arab home, no matter how far along you travel:

1. This coffee cup and rakwe combination

This rakwe is always filled with freshly brewed Turkish coffee and is the best part of any Arab home. 

Pair it with this classic set of coffee cups and you're in for a long Sunday afternoon. 

2. An ingenious plastic bag container

Hidden somewhere in a kitchen cabinet is a plastic bag - usually from that same old supermarket - full of plastic bags of the same size and shape, recycled for generations to come...

3. A chandelier that looks a lot like this

Bonus points if it has more than one non-functioning lightbulb and if you've experienced how long and dreary it is to clean the damn thing. 

4. This cookie tin can

Has anyone ever seen actual butter cookies in this can? 

If its location in a bedroom didn't already give its components away, opening the box felt like playing a child-friendly version of Russian roulette. 

5. A slightly modified version of this salon

If it ain't dark wood, is it really an Arab's house? 

6. This Persian carpet

Or one that looks exactly like it but with a different color/pattern combination. 

Chances are you'll find that exact same rug in your salon three seconds after scrolling down the #persiancarpet hashtag on Instagram. 

7. This Tupperware cabinet

One Tupperware is too many and a thousand is not enough. There can never, ever be too many of these containers. 

8. This pressure cooker

Yakhne just isn't the same without it. 

9. This table cover

It has to look good over any table. It just has to. 

10. A shatafe

The benchmark of any and all Arab homes: a shatafe. You know you're finally home when you see one.