Other than the countless promising and positive transformations Saudi Arabia has been going through recently, from putting an end to corruption to slowly empowering women, overall, the kingdom has been investing in different ways to benefit its people.

There is a penchant for world records that Saudi Arabia seems to have developed over the past few years. Now, more than ever, Saudis are setting world records and they are often achieved for good causes. 

Here are some of the Guinness World Records the kingdom has obtained for the sake of helping the community:

1. Largest picture mosaic formed by people (2017)

Towards the end of 2017, Abeer Medical Group paired up with students of the International Indian School of Jeddah to form the largest mosaic by people

The record feat was achieved to raise awareness of diabetes on World Diabetes Day. All 4,500 children who took part in completing this record got a free health checkup.

2. Largest marble cake (2017)

Last year, during the 87th Saudi National Day, the world’s largest marble cake was made and put on display in Jeddah’s Al Andalus Mall. 

A group of 22 bakers spent two days to create this cake, which weighed an impressive 733 kilograms. It was distributed to the Saudi Food Bank and the visitors of the mall.

3. Largest pink ribbon (2015)

Source: Arab News

To raise awareness of breast cancer, 8,264 women made the world’s largest pink human ribbon in a football stadium in Jeddah. 

The event was notable not only for the record achieved but because it was the first time Saudi women were allowed to vote in municipal elections on that day. 

4. Largest donation of school supplies in 24 hours (2012)

Source: Al Riyadh

In Jeddah’s Mall of Arabia, a local charity called Ayoun Jeddah achieved this feat back in 2012. 

The donated supplies totaled 4,019 kilograms and most of them came from stationery suppliers.

5. Largest rubber-stamped image (2016)

Source: Al Arabiya

During 2016’s National Day celebrations at the Andalus Mall, the world’s largest rubber-stamped image was made. 

Three Saudi firms allocated 20 SAR ($5.33) to each rubber stamp image. All together the total summed up to 50,000 SAR ($13,331) which was donated to the Al Ehsan Human Care Charity Association.