Source: Youtube

A few weeks ago, a video of an Oprah Winfrey photoshoot for O Magazine's cover shoot went viral all over the world. In it, the American media mogul was seen hopping and dancing around as photographers tried to capture the perfect shot.

At the time, tweeps in the Gulf took note of the viral video and spotted a few similarities between the TV presenter's moves and some famous Khaleeji dances. 

Of course, no one was going to miss the opportunity to create internet gold out of that, and so hilarious Khaleeji versions of the now-viral shoot were born. 

Here's the original video...

1. One if its first Khaleeji versions

2. Yep, the diva danced to "Maftoon Galbi"

3. And this old tune

4. No Khaleeji dance song was spared...

5. Oprah Khaleeji style

6. She literally danced to every Khaleeji beat

7. There had to be a Khaleeji zaffa of course

8. And a "sheila" song too