Moving abroad is hard no matter where you end up going, but being in a Western country comes with its own set of challenges. 

You've heard all the endless interrogations before the big move, and now that you're finally there, it's hard not to feel homesick and nostalgic. 

Here are 10 things Arabs miss when they move abroad to a Western country:

1. Arguileh, all day every day

There's nothing more Arab than ordering four shishas to your house at 2 A.M. on a weekend. 

But once you move abroad, and even though there are plenty of shisha cafes around, finding a satisfying arguileh remains hard. 

2. Speaking Arabic

Westerners may love getting Arabic tattoos, but only few of them know how to actually pronounce words in our language. 

Sooner or later, you'll find yourself listening to Fairouz or watching the news in your home country just to feel okay again. 

3. Having your name properly pronounced

Unless your name is Sarah or Michael, there's a huge chance it's been three million years since a Westerner properly pronounced it. 

Shoutout to all the Zeinab's, Mohammad's, and Fatima's living abroad. We're rooting for you!

4. Cheap beauty services

One specific painful situation Arab women find themselves in is when they realize how expensive it is to get a full body wax, a blowout, or eyebrow threading. 

It might happen that suddenly, on a Friday night all alone at home, you're plucking your own eyebrows in the bathroom as you hold back the tear.

5. The food

Arabs consume a lot of western junk food, there's no denying that. 

But when it comes to Middle Eastern mezza and traditional dishes, no burger or pizza will ever compare to ma7achi or mansaf

6. Having someone pump gas for you

Though a challenge to learn at first, that's one thing you will get the hang of pretty easily... we hope. 

7. Delivery for pretty much everything

Medicine, arguileh, pet food, dry cleaning, and pretty much every single type of cuisine you can think of, you'll find it deliverable in Arab countries... mostly free of charge, too. 

8. Car horns

Living in a quite city is comfortable for a while, but eventually you'll realize "what's life without the 500 car horns at 4 P.M. on a Tuesday?" 

9. Cutting in line

It's not really cutting if there's no line... right? 

10. A shatafa

Because life just ain't the same without it.