Ah, Arabic translation fails... One simply can't get enough of them. From tattoos to street-signs, Arabic-English translation blunders never fail to crack us up.

Such fails can be found in menus at some Arab restaurants, which seem to resort to the oft-inaccurate Google Translate service.

Ranging from the ridiculously hilarious to the plain disgusting, here are 10 times Arabs failed miserably at translating their menus:

1. Vanilla becomes "undershirt" ... An Arab mom was probably responsible for this one

2. When you got 99 problems and translation is definitely one

3. Would you like to upgrade your order to a "Falafel unusual problem"?

4. Arabs are all about the drama

5. This translation fail resulted in a kinky pizza deal

6. Grilled chicken with a side of ... Herpes?!

7. "Urination" ... Tabboule has been ruined for life

8. When in doubt, order a "King doubt"

9. Google translate continues to let Arabs down

10. This entire shisha section is problematic