A U.S.-based Egyptian woman who decided to celebrate the end of her troubled marriage in the most savage way ever, has gone completely viral on Facebook.

Cenderella Nana uploaded videos of a huge divorce party she hosted after she parted ways with her husband, captioning her post: 

"My divorce party, thank God. One of the best days of my life." 

In the footage, she is seen wearing a white dress, dancing, and cutting a divorce cake. 

The videos were posted online earlier this week and have since gone completely viral, amassing millions of views. 

The divorce party has taken social media by storm

Given that divorced Arab women often face stigma and harsh judgements, Nana was hailed by many as a ground breaker. 

However, she also got lots of hate in the comments left under her post, but has since hit back in several Facebook posts and live streams. 

Many hailed Nana's actions

"I salute you for taking the decision to live and be happy. As long as this is what gives you peace, do it and ignore those criticizing you."

People love her

"Start over and achieve your dreams"

"Me in the future"

"Alf Alf Mabrook"

She has since spoken up about her divorce

In an hour long live stream she posted to Facebook, Nana responded to those attacking her and shared details of what she described as a failed marriage.

She said her husband had verbally and physically abused her before the couple was set to hold their wedding celebration and just days after they'd signed their legal marriage contract. 

During one incident, her ex pulled her out of a car, threw her to the ground, then called police and told them she was attempting to commit suicide. She was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for three days at the time. 

She claimed that even though the man knew that she had previously battled cancer and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, he disregarded her health issues and still went on abusing her. 

She also added that her husband had only married her in order to get the American passport and citizenship as his work permit in the country had expired. 

"Our wedding celebration was just days away and he knew I couldn't cancel it because all my family were invited. After everything he'd done, he called me at the hospital to blackmail me. He told me he would only attend our wedding if I signed a paper stating that I'd pass on my American citizenship to him even if we later got a divorce," she said. 

"I have a right to celebrate my victories"

Nana explained that she did go through with the wedding because she felt she couldn't cancel it last minute. 

She explained that even though she tried to make things work, her husband subjected her to weeks of verbal abuse before she decided to file for divorce and sue him over his actions.

"I won all the cases I filed against him, I have a right to celebrate my victories. I have a right to celebrate divorcing a man who had no humanity," she said. 

To those accusing her of "promoting divorce as a good thing," Nana said: 

"I am not promoting divorce or anything, I am just saying that when a marriage isn't working and is causing you distress, the best thing to do is to leave it. A failed marriage isn't the end of the world, it could be the start of a new, more successful life. My message to every woman is for her to be strong."