When it comes to technology and social media, it's a love-hate relationship for most Arab mothers. 

The case is no different when they start using the video-call feature and it instantly becomes their preferred means of communication. 

And if you've ever video-called your Arab mom, then you know all too well that some things are bound to happen... but you wouldn't have it any other way!

Here are some quirks and habits every Arab mom does while video-calling her children:

1. First things first, "ALOOOO" comes in full force

Being the busy supermom that she is, she sometimes forgets about video-calling you and leaves you yelling on the phone to grab her attention.

And when she realizes that you picked up, she will repeat "Aloo mama, can you hear me?" over and over again, even though you can see and hear her loud and clear...

2. Once she goes "video-call", she never goes back

Once she gets a hold of video-calls, she forgets that a normal phone call exists and starts video-calling you at every chance she gets... even if you're only meters away.

3. She takes "up close and personal" to a whole new level

You can't fully talk to your mom since you only get to see bits and pieces of her at a time.

Instead of properly aligning her face in the frame, she holds the camera merely millimeters away from her face, and you eventually give up on asking her to adjust the camera.  

4. She thinks you can't hear her unless she's yelling at the top of her lungs

The farther away you are located, the higher her voice gets during a call. She just can't help it.

5. She is bound to ask you if you've eaten

Because Arab moms often express their love through food, "Habibi, did you eat?" is probably among the first questions your mom asks during a video-call.

Get ready to be scolded if you say you have eaten when she has already prepared food for you at home.

6. She will criticize the way you look one way or another

She can't help but comment on your looks, be it by asking why you look tired, saying she doesn't like your haircut, or - if you're female - scolding you for wearing a revealing top.

7. She will ask why your room is messy ... even if it's spotless

You've probably learned to avoid video-calling her from your room because you know all too well that she will obsess over how "messy" it is, with one misplaced sock leading her to the verge of disowning you.

8. She makes you talk to everyone around her

Brace yourself for some awkward small talk with every single human she finds in her perimeter.

9. Gossip, gossip, gossip!

She spills the tea on all the latest updates concerning family and friends, and whether or not you admit it, you really want to know every single bit.

10. There's no such thing as saying "yalla bye" only once

Just like they stand at the door for thirty minutes to say goodbye to guests, Arab moms never hang up the phone from the first "yalla bye." 

They fit in a couple more questions and updates between every "bye" before finally hanging up.

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