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In recent years, rates of divorce have been skyrocketing in countries across the Arab world. From Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, Egypt, and the UAE, the issue affects several societies in the region.

Earlier this week, Arab tweeps tried to get to the root of the problem via the viral hashtag "What are the causes of divorce?".

Here's how it all went down on Twitter:

It all started when this hashtag topped Arab trends

"What are the causes of divorce?"

And then thousands started weighing in on the matter

First things first

Some believe the key lies in communication

Arranged marriage topped responses

"We don't speak to strangers... We marry them"

"Trust issues"

Believing that a guy will just grow up when they get married maybe?

"The 'marry him off he'll mature' ballroom." 

Pressuring women into getting married

Some went straight to the point

Others shared out of this world reasons

Someone blamed human devils

"Devils. We always notice that those who live away from their extended families are happy while those who live with relatives are in hell. The reason? Talking behind people's backs, coming up with stories about them, and being envious." 

A few turned to humor in response to the hashtag

What's the real cause of divorce?