Since the inception of social media and messaging apps, millions of people have been joining the networks, including Arab moms. 

However, unlike everyone else, our mothers have invented some pretty unique uses for the platforms, ones that are just simply out of this world. 

Don't believe us? 

Here's proof:

1. They use Facebook as a matchmaking tool...

2. Yep, the struggle is real

3. They fall for every social media hoax

4. And post things like this on their Facebook walls

5. They stalk their kids... of course

6. And send them pretty special early morning messages

7. They believe everything they read on social media, including fake news...

8. Then they go on to share it with their entire contact list

9. Arab mom starter pack...

10. They sort of overuse the zoom feature on Instagram

11. And always generate loads of notifications

12. They brilliantly troll their own friends...

13. Whose mom does this often?

14. They circulate Arab memes

15. Some of their Instagram feeds look something like this...