Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan is known as one of the most talented actors of his generation, but when it comes to his singing career, things aren't going too well. 

Earlier this year, the celebrity released a controversial and widely criticized song titled 'Number one', in which he basically hailed himself for his rise to fame. Over the past weekend, he released another similar track, titled 'The King'. 

In one part of it, he sings: "Where are you going to go? I am the king. Who of you is registered in the club of kings". In another, he says: "I am the king of the jungle and to me, you're a cat." 

The tune went viral just hours after it was first uploaded on Saturday, amassing 6.7 million views on YouTube at the time of writing.

"The King" hasn't gone down too well with people

Since its release, the tune has been criticized by thousands, who called it "trashy" and accused Ramadan of being "arrogant" and "too full of himself".

While some enjoyed the song

"The new Mohamed Ramadan music video is great, I really like it." 

And sent him their support

Thousands simply hated it

"Who convinced Mohamed Ramadan that it's OK for him to sing?"

And couldn't even with the lyrics

"You're so arrogant"

Some criticized Ramadan's attitude

"Mohamed Ramadan displays his properties in 'The King,' just like a person who likes their own posts on social media." 

Naturally, people responded with memes

"Why does he take off his clothes at home and put them on in the pool?"

"Is he sick?"

"Stop this silliness now"

"Mohamed Ramadan's next song will be: You should thank God I am acting for you, you dirty people"

Watch the song's music video below: