Certain situations in the Arab world can be described as following: strictly mandatory, painfully awkward, unnecessarily complicated, and often ultimately unavoidable. 

From being forced to attend a family lunch to explaining how Arabs cook so well, whether it was serious or silly, we are bound to find the right alternative to get out of these situations unharmed. 

Surely you have gone through at least one of them?!

1. Explaining what certain Arab food is made of

2. Having Um Kulthoom as the ultimate singer

3. Congratulating each other on Arab victories

4. Ramadan struggles

5. Arabizing western holidays is as easy as it gets

6. Your mom and sister will find you someone to marry

And no, you don't have a say in that.

7. Arabs love their arguileh

8. What do you mean you want to close your room's door?

9. Arab girls are actually the real Cinderellas

10. Fighting over the bill gets violent

11. The daily "sabah el khair" and "good morning" whatsapps that need to stop

12. But you know it's your mother's speciality

13. Speaking of moms, her food comes first ... always

14. Because toum is the ONLY condiment

15. Killer Arab gestures (literally)