Everyone goes through awkward moments and struggles in life, and Egyptians are no exception. 

But one thing is guaranteed, in spite of it all, Egyptians keep it light by adding laughter to all unfortunate situations.

Below are just eight of the many struggles Egyptians face:

1. The microbus driver taking off before you make it to your seat

Leaving you with a bruised knee or simply falling in someone's lap. 

What a way to make new friends...

2. Public buses taking more passengers despite having no empty seats left

Why do you do this? Just... why?

3. Trying to find an empty parking lot at 2 pm

Because how dare you expect to find any at that time of the day? How dare you have a car in the first place? 

4. Standing in a queue

If you're a shortie, and God forbid, the first in line, an arm will crawl over your shoulder to reach the tickets window before you. Yes, tall people will get past you in the blink of an eye. 

You are invisible to them.

5. Having strangers staring at your ATM transactions

Sometimes you can be unaware of it all... until you hear a voice from behind telling you which button to press. 

6. Having to constantly explain why you're single

"I choose to be single" is of course not the right answer.

7. Trying to hear the person sitting next to you at college

Imagine this: There are over a hundred student in class, and the professor goes out for a minute. Good luck conversing with whoever is sitting next to you. 

8. Our creepy ID photos just take the cake

Asking any Egyptian to show you their ID photo is a tragedy, opening many wounds in its holder.