Influencer who? 

If you're trying to become an influencer in the Arab world (pretty much anyone with a smartphone and social media accounts is trying to be one) ... it's time to get a reality check. Your audience may differ greatly from Arab politicians, but their influence (not all of them, but that's a discussion for another time) pretty much dominates in almost every way. 

CEOWorld Magazine, a U.S.-based business magazine, recently ranked 44 politicians from around the world based on their influence on Twitter. Want to guess who's the Arab world's most influential politician on the micro-blogging platform? 

*Drum Roll* .... It's Queen Rania

Queen Rania is one of the most progressive and powerful icons in the Arab world, fighting on behalf of multiple fundamental causes. The Jordanian queen has long been an advocate for women in the region, focusing on the power of education which allows women to transcend the barriers that have long dominated their lives. She is the definition of an outstanding ambassador and a perfect voice for the Middle East and Arab women in particular.

Working on different causes, ranging from public health to education and including the launch of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, Queen Rania is a true advocate at heart. Her achievements have been acknowledged globally. In 2016, she was presented with the Medal of Honor for Women at the Global Women's Forum in Dubai.

"A mom and a wife with a really cool day job," Queen Rania describes herself on Twitter

With more than 10 million followers on Twitter, Queen Rania has proven that behind her regal role, she's just Rania - more formally known as Rania Al Yassin.

The Jordanian royal was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents. Raised by a physician, Queen Rania attended The New English School in Kuwait and continued to pursue a degree in business administration at The American University in Cairo. After completing her studies, she moved back to Jordan, where her family was settled. After settling in Amman, she worked for a brief period in the marketing department of Citi Bank. She then landed a marketing job at Apple Computers in Amman ... and as they say, the rest is history. 

Since then, she's impacted women, communities, and youth in Jordan and across the Arab world. She's appeared on Forbes' "100 Most Powerful Women" list multiple times in the past. 

Her influence extends well beyond just Twitter

Over a decade ago, Queen Rania started her own YouTube channel to challenge the narrative perpetuated by the media when it comes to Arabs and Muslims. Her channel has since grown to have 69,000 subscribers. 

Her Instagram account has over 5 million followers - which is pretty much double the number of a so-called "mainstream influencer."

Next Up: Dubai's Ruler Sheikh Mohammed

Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the 2nd most influential Arab politician, according to CEOWorld Magazine's ranking. 

The ruler - who has 9.71 million followers on Twitter - has proudly ruled the emirate of Dubai for well over a decade. Over the years, his leadership as the emirate's ruler and the vice president of the United Arab Emirates has led Dubai and the country through a slew of world-class building projects, groundbreaking achievements, and incredible societal milestones.

Other Arabs on the list

Here are the most influential Arab politicians on Twitter, according to the magazine's recently released list: 

  1. Queen Rania (Jordan) ⁠— 10.4 million followers 
  2. Sheikh Mohammed (UAE) ⁠— 9.71 million followers 
  3. King Salman (Saudi Arabia) ⁠— 7.56 million followers 
  4. Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan (UAE) ⁠— 4.49 million followers