Stereotypes from Western media about Arab women hit us all in the head, but we have at least one person from the region fighting for our voice out in the world. It's not only because she can and has the power to, but also because she has a strong will to do so.

Queen Rania  of Jordan has long been an advocate for women in the region, focusing on the power of education which allows women to transcend the barriers that have long dominated their lives. She is the definition of an outstanding ambassador and a perfect voice for the Middle East and Arab women in particular.

Working on different causes, ranging from public health to education and including the launch of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, Queen Rania is a true advocate at heart. Her achievements have been acknowledged globally, most recently with the Medal of Honor for Women that was presented  to her at the Global Women's Forum in Dubai.

Using everyday technology to support her causes to break Western stereotypes and assumptions of the "backwardness" of the Middle East, Queen Rania hasn't failed to change perceptions about Arab women across the globe. With her inspiring talks in Ivy League schools including Yale and Harvard, and her appearance on talk shows like The View and Oprah, she has done a tremendous job. Her social media accounts have long supported her role as well, especially on Twitter and Youtube, where she even launched a series of videos to discuss  perceptions of the Arab world with Western viewers.

Here are 10 times Queen Rania proved to be a strong voice for women in the Middle East.