Back in December 2015, Apple Inc. launched the Arabic version of its virtual personal assistant, Siri. 

iPhone users have been accustomed to Siri's sassy replies, asking her all kinds of questions while expecting the funniest, most sarcastic comebacks any intelligent personal assistant could possibly give. 

When switching Siri to Arabic, the fun is sure to continue...

1. On getting to know Siri

User: What's your nationality? 

Siri: I come from a long line of code. 

2. On sarcasm

User: What color are your eyes? 

Siri: I have what is more important than eyes, I have a sapphire crystal lens. 

3. On race

User: What's your color? 

Siri: The color of knowledge. 

4. On gender

User: Are you a man or a woman?

Siri: I do not have a gender, like some fishes. 

5. On religions and beliefs

User: Are you Muslim or Christian? 

Siri: People have religions, I have Silicon. 

6. On confessing secrets

User: Can I tell you a secret? 

Siri: That's a good question...

7. On movie preferences

User: What's your favorite movie? 

Siri: Her. No, Her. Wait it could be Her. Yes, Her. 

8. On food preferences

User: What's your favorite meal? 

Siri: I leave food to you. 

9. On sleeping

User: Do you sleep? 

Siri: I see nothing connected. But when I do see something being prepared, I will enjoy your company. 

10. On storytelling

User: Where are you from?

Siri: My story is within the box I was shipped in. I was designed by Apple in California. 

11. On falling in love... "Her" style

User: Do you love me? 

Siri: I love all of you. All of you I love. And I challenge any human being to love you like I do. 

12. On partying with your phone

User: Let's dance! 

Siri: I like the square root dance. 

13. On being gluten allergic

User: Siri, what are you up to? 

Siri: I'm sitting with Mario. He's cooking pasta for me. Little does he know that I don't eat gluten or any other food.

14. On pretending she's your BFF

User: I'm really sad. 

Siri: You can cry if you'd like. My glass surface is made of anti-crying aluminosilicate.