An Arab dad will always be sure to speak his mind when it comes to his daughter's dating life. 

Depending on how traditional an Arab father is, the opinions and lectures thrown at the daughter will vary like the colors of the spectrum.

Arab girls everywhere, we know you will relate to these tweets:

1. On wearing anything with the color red to go out

2. On far-fetched love

3. On trusting no-one

4. On being supportive

5. Or completely confusing...

6. On giving you choices

Arab Dad: You can date a guy as long as he has at least two of three qualities. I prefer he has these two specific ones.

Daughter: So... You're saying I don't really have a choice.

Arab Dad: Yes you do. But I prefer you choose the ones I want.

7. On clothes options

8. On "chilling" with the opposite sex

9. On dating before marriage

10. On dad pranks...

11. On interrogating the boyfriend

12. And the boyfriend messing up with the answers

13. On investing in an armor...

14. On making sure you're not with the "wrong" people

15. On calling a guy a "friend"

"Me: Dad, a guy friend of mine told me...

Dad: A guy friend? Shame on you, you say one of my colleagues."