Saudi Arabia may be a little different, but so is every other country in the world since each is unique in its own way. 

Yet, every time a person who has never been to the kingdom meets someone who has, the random questions and statements just start rolling in.

Some of the most common ones are these:

1. "So, do women have to cover themselves from head to toe?"

No, they do not... an abaya is necessary though.

The women who do cover themselves from head to toe do it usually because they prefer to, not because they must.

2. "How can you live in a desert?"

Just because Saudi Arabia is a desert doesn't mean there aren't any cities in said desert.

3. "Why would you ever want to waste your vacation there?"

Ummm, let's see: Family, friends, renewing an Iqama... Or how about 'I feel like it'? 

4. "I heard there's nothing to do there"

There actually is a lot a person can do. They just have to look in the right places.

5. "Aren't they extremely strict and stuff like that?"

Every country has its laws...

And each city in Saudi Arabia is different than the other. Some cities are more lax than others.

6. "How do women get around if they can't drive?"

By hiring a driver or calling a cab...

7. Constant assumptions that you're rich

It may be a rich country, but not all the people living in it are rich.

8. "Guys and girls CAN'T go out together??"

The country's religious laws kind of restrict that, especially in the capital. But a lot of people still do it anyway.

9. "What's it like living there?"

Every single expat has had a completely different experience in Saudi Arabia. Some love it, some can't stand it, some have been living in it for so long they're just used to it...