Misogynistic hashtags aren't uncommon on Arab Twitter and are particularly prevalent in Saudi ArabiaEarlier this week, another trend took over the platform, asking Saudi men if they'd "marry female doctors who drive?".

The hashtag comes just months after Saudi women hit the kingdom's roads when the country officially lifted a longstanding ban on them driving.

Its focus? Why it's bad for women working in the medical field, which is often deemed as one only suitable for men, to drive themselves to work.

It all started when this hashtag went viral

"Would you marry a female doctor who drives a car?"

No one was having any of it

"Today's episode of embarrassing Arab"

Some couldn't even believe what they were reading

But then who could blame them when it's 2018?

"Yes I am 2018 and these are my new hashtags." 

Some pointed this out

"This is the updated version of the 'would you marry a doctor,' hashtag." 

Many powerfully hit back at the hashtag

The real question is

"Would a doctor, who studied for years to get to where she is, marry someone as regressive as you are?"

"Put an end to misogynistic behaviors"

And also