Arab food names can be pretty weird all by themselves, but ever thought what might happen if they're translated to English? 

If you haven't, we're here to tell you that some seriously hilarious things went down when we tried that out. 

Don't believe us? 

Here, see for yourselves: 

1. Laban Emmo

In English: The yogurt of his mother.


2. Znoud el Sitt

In English: The lady's arms.

Yep, this is a popular Arab dessert. 

3. Ma2loube

In English: Upside down. 

Need we say more?

4. Msa2a3a

In English: Cold. 

Imagine asking someone what they're craving and having them say: Cold. 

5. Asabe3 Zeinab

In English: Zeinab's fingers. 

Pretty bizarre this one, to say the least. 

6. M7amarra

In English: Turned red. 

One "turned red" for lunch please. 

7. Lo2met el 2adi

In English: The judge's bite. 

Because sweet dumplings is just not cool for us Arabs. 

8. 3arayess

In English: Brides. 

Yep, that's what it literally translates to. 

9. Kebbet el 7eele

In English: Tricky meatballs. 

We're not laughing, you are. 

10. Ma5louta

Source: Annahar

In English: Mixed/jumbled up. 

It is quite a jumble if you ask us. 

Bonus round: Cous Cous

In English: Vagina... vagina.

Let's leave it at that.