An Emirates flight attendant has been accused of theft from two passengers on a flight, a Dubai court heard this week.

The crew member is accused of stealing cash worth over $4,000 from the wallets of two Emirati brothers as they left their seats to assist their ill father, according to The National.

The incident took place back in June during a flight en route to Dubai from Thailand. 

Source: Pixabay

During the court hearing, the brothers described what had happened on the Emirates flight to Dubai's Criminal Court.

The brothers, aged 35 and 43, had reported stolen cash from their wallets to flight attendants mid-flight. As soon as the plane landed, the aircrew called the police.

"My father felt tired and my brother and I went to him in business class leaving our belongings, including the wallets, back on our seats. Then we returned to find the money missing," said one of the men.

Police searched the plane, but found no evidence. However, that changed when a fingerprint on a 100 dirham note left in one of the wallets revealed connection to one flight attendant. 

The flight attendant was later arrested, denying the accusations brought against him. 

"However when we told him about his finger print, he admitted willingly," an Emirati policeman said.

The next court hearing is scheduled to take place in November.