A Saudi man hosted a wedding for two of his employees and went viral on social media earlier this week. 

The couple, a driver and domestic worker who are employed by the man's family, were married at his home. He reportedly covered the wedding's expenses and gifted the newlyweds a three-day honeymoon. 

Footage capturing part of the celebrations was uploaded on Twitter. In it, the groom and a few other men can be seen enjoying a  traditional Saudi "zaffa." It remains unclear when the video was taken but it continues to circulate online, leading hundreds to react to it.

The wedding is making the rounds on Twitter

A few tweeps reacted to it with racism

"If you had so much extra money, pay for the wedding of someone who's Saudi instead of hosting one for a driver and maid!!!!!"

But others were having none of that and absolutely loved the gesture

"This isn't unusual for generous people. The groom looks so cute in a Saudi garment." 

"Honestly this man is great"

"So beautiful"

The news called for some ululation

"Mashallah kolililishh."

"May God grant them happiness"

"There's still some good in the world. Mabrook!"