If you're Muslim, then you probably know just how hard it is to keep the "evil eye" at bay. Luckily, one verse in the Quran - namely Ayat El Kursi - is believed to grant spiritual and physical protection. 

Muslims on Twitter know this quite well and haven't missed an opportunity to share their beliefs ... with a humorous twist. 

Here are 10 "Ayat El Kursi" posts that are too funny to be halal:

1. When your problems are so REAL that only "Ayat el Kursi" could save you

2. Your poor luck is because of that one little mistake

3. When you just can't with the "kuffar"

4. "When you forget to read Ayat El Kursi"

5. When you could've prevented the "worst cramp in the history of earth" from taking place

6. "Maybe they didn’t recite Ayat El Kursi before every game"

7. When they say "we need to talk" ... you say:

8. The best tool for a comeback ...

9. Horror movies stand no chance here

10. Rumor has it, Ayat El Kursi prevents nightmares