Last week, Twitter user @Ummkush shared a photo of Nevada's Red Rock Canyon and went viral for it ...  but not for the reasons you may think. 

It wasn't the area's geological features that grabbed the attention of hundreds. No, it was the photo's resemblance to different kinds of bread - from pita bread to naan to tortillas. 

A number of users on the micro-blogging platform compared the beautiful landscape to mouth-watering Arab cuisine.

Here's a look:

"Khebez Arabi" on our minds ... all the time

They see me rollin' ... they hatin'

Algerian mhajeb?

Or Moroccan msemen?

No, it's Egyptian feteer!

But, not everyone thinks so ...

Others think the place looks like a shawarma sandwich

A shawarma saj? Maybe?

BREAKING: Redrock looks just like lahme b3ajin