Nearly one year ago, Ricky Martin announced his engagement to Syrian artist Jwan Yosef ... and it looks like he's already embraced the Arab culture. 

Martin and Yosef attended a Syrian wedding, for a couple who has been identified as 'Maya & Ralph,' at the Renaissance Venue in Los Angeles on Aug. 20. 

Of course, Arabic tunes blasted through the speakers, inviting the massive crowd to take over the dance-floor. 

Martin did not miss out on his chance to flaunt his impressive dance moves. 

Afterall, the superstar did once say that Middle Eastern weddings and Latino weddings are a bundle of craziness. It looks like the crazy dancing and incredibly loud music are a slight reminder of home.

He definitely knows how to handle those hand gestures, that's for sure

Hand-feet coordination level: Arab

'Jenno w Noto' style much?

This video pretty much sums it up

In case you needed a different angle of the hyper-energetic crowd

This video of Martin dancing is worth every second of your time