Source: YouTube

Saudi singer and songwriter, Mojo, never fails to amaze his fans with his music, and his recent mashup will definitely give you all the feels. 

Mojo, who is based in Jeddah, recently teamed up with Riyadh-based singer Jean Al Shehri. In just 48 hours, the two released a mashup of the two most viral songs of 2017: 

'Awafi,' an Arabic song released by Saudi comedian Mohamed Abu Hamdan, and the Spanish record-breaking song 'Despacito'. 

Mojo starts off with Awafi as al-Shehri subtly integrates Despacito with a Spanish accent that is seriously on point. 

How did the idea of the mashup come about?

"I saw an ad for [a] 30,000 riyal Instagram talent contest and I wanted to compete with something interesting. Awafi had all the buzz [needed] so I wanted to remix it. I tested different ideas and realized the song works with Despacito perfectly!" Mojo told StepFeed. 

Mojo explained that he came across al-Shehri via the Instagram hashtag that accompanied the contest. He decided to join forces, rather than compete with him.

"[He] was so good I decided not to compete. I talked to him and we became friends. He didn't win the contest either, but I suggested that we make a mashup track for fun," Mojo added. 

Al-Shehri "mixed and mastered the track" ... and it's seriously epic.

They made the song over the internet, without even meeting once!

"Despacito and Awafi are the most over-played songs in Saudi at the moment"

It's true. 

Earlier this month, statistics carried out by YouTube revealed that Despacito had been viewed over 1 million times in over 99 countries, each. Saudi Arabia alone contributed 10 million views to that number.

And Awafi 's statistics on YouTube prove just how obsessed people are with Abu Hamdan's song. 

Awafi was first released in June, and has garnered over 20 million views since. Abu Hamdan was put under the spotlight after people began accusing him of mocking typical Khaleeji pop music. But, in an interview with Al Arabiya, he rejected this claim.

Despite the songs' popularity, "you gotta admit this sh*t we made is so fun and catchy!" Mojo tells StepFeed. 

Watch the epic mashup below ... you will have it playing on repeat all day!