The 1990's hit Spanish song "Macarena" never seems to get old, and one Saudi teen just resurfaced the classic track. Then, he got arrested.

Jeddah police have arrested the teenager who performed the comical dance at the center of a Jeddah crosswalk, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Tuesday.

A viral 40-second video shows the young Saudi male walk to the center of the crosswalk – on Tahlia street – as traffic stops for a red light. He then proceeds to do the comical dance for the waiting vehicles.

Watch the stunt below ...

A media spokesperson for police said the teen was identified and taken to custody for "obstructing traffic" and "violating public principles". The 14-year-old will be questioned and referred to the Public Prosecution.

Many found the prank hilarious ...

Some called the boy a "hero"

And a "Jeddah Master"

Others weren't impressed

Some were quick to predict he'd be arrested

Many on social media began calling for the teenager's arrest as soon as the video surfaced. Others criticized the absence of the religious police to stop the dance, and some lashed out at the General Entertainment Authority for recently permitting events involving dancing and live music.

On a related note, the kingdom has been cracking down on dabbing in the past few weeks. A Saudi singer was arrested after performing the move in a live concert. 

Saudi Arabia's National Committee for Combating Drugs, an initiative by the government to address drug addiction in the kingdom, sees dabbing as suggesting sniffing drugs.

Even though the Macarena isn't dabbing, performing it in a public intersection is apparently unacceptable.

Rayana Khalaf contributed to this article.

This article has been updated with the news of the teenager's arrest.