According to Gulf News, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is currently testing out its new offering named 'Call to Fuel', a service that allows residents to have their cars filled up with petrol by simply clicking a button.

Through the ADNOC app, residents will be able to choose which type of fuel they prefer - Special or Super - pick a suitable date and time, and get their cars filled.

Once the order is made, customers will have the choice of either meeting the driver in person or leaving their car’s gas tank open. An Abu Dhabi resident recently uploaded a video on Twitter that explains how the service will work once it's officially launched.

WATCH: ADNOC might soon deliver fuel straight to your car

"ADNOC Distribution is focused on improving service, choice, and convenience for customers while maintaining our 100% commitment to safety," said an ADNOC representative, according to Gulf News.

"As part of our company’s transformation, we are looking at a number of customer-centric innovations, some of which are currently being piloted with a small group of customers. We will provide further updates in due course," he added.