A video of an alleged fashion show and dance performance held at a Saudi hospital last week is causing quite the stir on social media. 

The footage is currently circulating on various platforms and in it, hospital employees can be seen participating in the show in front of an audience. 

According to Ajel news site, the event took place in Riyadh's Prince Mohammad bin Abdel Aziz Hospital and came as part of International Nurses Day, which is annually marked on May 12.

The hospital has since issued a statement on the matter...

After a video capturing the event sparked intense online backlash, Falah Al Shemmari, official spokesman for the hospital, issued a statement on the matter. 

Al Shemmari confirmed that an event was held at the hospital last Thursday, but explained that on Friday, hospital employees held another private function outside its premises. 

He stressed that the now-viral footage was captured at the private event and not in the hospital. 

The news continues to make the rounds on Saudi Twitter

Even after hospital officials issued a statement clarifying the matter, footage of the event still divided people on social media. 

Some tweeps were angered by it and didn't believe the clarification issued by officials. 

However, others thought nothing was wrong with the event and couldn't understand why it became such a big deal.  

Here's how people weighed in on the controversy: 

The incident left some tweeps speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God." 

And others pretty upset...

"My God, dancing and parties reached hospitals!!" 

A few people called on hospital employees to be punished

"Shameless behavior. Everyone who appeared in this video must be suspended." 

Others had doubts over the footage

"There's nothing that proves this happened in the kingdom." 

Many thought the entire thing was blown out of proportion though...

"This was a party held for Filipino employees and it's private... I think the era when we used to interfere in other people's cultures and even impose our rules on their personal lives is over." 

"It's normal, let them enjoy themselves a bit"

"Entertainment is everyone's right"