In some GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, a number of strict laws arise during Ramadan. 

One such example is the legislation which prohibits people from eating in public and enforces restaurants and cafes to close down during fasting hours.

However, not everyone is for it. 

Those against include Kuwaiti tweep Bashayer Al Arbeed, who tweeted out about the matter via her private Twitter account earlier this week. 

Someone then captured her tweet and shared it with news accounts who have since publicly posted it.

The tweet is dividing hundreds on Kuwaiti Twitter, many of whom are now debating the matter. 

Here's how the controversy is playing out online: 

It all started when this tweet went viral

"In my opinion, the idea of all restaurants and cafes closing down during the day in Ramadan is the epitome of authoritarianism. A large number of people who live in Kuwait don't fast during the day in Ramadan. That's either because they aren't Muslim, or because they're children, elderly, ill, pregnant, or nursing mothers. What's their fault? Why should they be banned from eating and drinking when they're outside of their homes?"  

Leading to a heated Twitter debate

Many were completely against the tweep's idea...

"I completely disagree with her." 

And thought it wouldn't work...

"A failed suggestion. If a person doesn't respect my religion and the laws of my country, I'll force them to." 

"They're in Kuwait, a Muslim country"

"For your information, if police catch you eating or drinking in public, you can get up to a month in jail or be fined 100 KD ($300)." 

"Are they going to die of hunger if they don't eat at restaurants?"

"Homes are filled with food, they can eat at home and respect people's religious duties." 

"Our guests must respect our culture, values and religion"

"We shouldn't be the ones changing our culture or religious norms for them." 

Not everyone was against the argument though...

"I agree with her." 

"The dictatorship of those who fast must end"

"A person who feels their fast and faith will be affected by this should stay at home, not force people to do things their way." 

"A person who wants to fast will, even if every restaurant is open"

Many raised this point...

"I completely agree with her, people who want to fast are free to do so, and those who can't have their excuses. There are people of other faiths who live in Kuwait, why force them to close restaurants."   

And hailed the tweep for her words...

"Her statement is just and beautiful."