It's only natural to think Ramadan, a month when tolerance is preached and practiced, would see a break from misogynistic views ... but that doesn't seem to be the case.

A hashtag titled "scared of breaking my fast, so I'm blocking women" has been making the rounds on Twitter in Saudi Arabia ... ridiculously suggesting women are to blame for men's lack of commitment during Ramadan.

The person behind the hashtag suggests women are a "sin" ... thus should be avoided throughout the holy month. But, does the individual acknowledge that such regressive mentality is a sin in itself? 

People definitely took note, and aren't letting the hashtag spread misogyny.

Some women are begging men to block them

"I wish Ramadan was all year long"

"Block your regressive mentality"

"We should block your regressive mentality for putting the focus on women's body during the holy month. A woman is complete on her own: with her brains, her manners, her self-confidence and humanity. Women are complements to men."

Others are calling out the "fragile masculinity" syndrome

"If you think a woman is just a body, please know that your manhood is just a name."

"You are just afraid of your desires"

"You are just afraid of your desires. Women are our sisters, our cousins and an essential part of any household. Fear Allah before anything else."

Some women suggested this alternative

"If you are concerned about breaking your fast, you should consider blocking your sensualist thinking towards women, not just during Ramadan."

"Fear God and stop bringing women into the discussion"

Others pointed out the hypocrisy