A video of an unidentified Lebanese musician playing music on an Etihad flight en route from Australia to Lebanon is taking social media platforms by storm.

Lebanese passengers are seen clapping and singing along to a traditional folk song he is playing. 

A few zalghoutas (ululations) can also be heard in the background ... because why not?

Since it was posted on the platform early on Wednesday, the footage has been shared by several Lebanese Facebook pages and has already been viewed by thousands of people. 

A social media meltdown like no other

A few people loved the whole thing

Others wished they had been passengers on the same flight

"Wein ma menru7 3ej2ina"

"It's in the blood"

"You can't take partying out of us"

A few just couldn't even

"Hedi tiyara wala bus?"

Plane goals?

Not for everyone...

Especially not for this man right over here:

Watch the now-viral video below: