If viral social media stories have taught us anything, it's that people do not have mercy on trolls. 

Any offensive or uneducated post can and will be used against you ... but not everyone has caught on yet. 

A Canadian reporter made this GROUNDBREAKING observation and decided to share it with the Twittersphere

Radio business reporter Michael Kane saw a unique phenomenon: "two modestly-dressed women with religious headgear," whom people assume are Muslim women wearing the Islamic headscarf, came out of a Victoria's Secret shop - which sells lingerie, women's wear, and beauty products. 

Being the dedicated reporter that he is, he decided to report the "breaking news" ... but it did not go as well as he had expected. 

People were quick to poke fun at Kane's tweet, seeing no point in speaking of the incident as though it were an unusual sighting. 

Kane was trolled big time, so bad that he eventually deleted his tweet and deactivated his twitter account. 

"They then proceeded to the Food Court" GASP!

Breaking news: Muslim women wear underwear

"Please alert the authorities"

Or just call the halal-police

Sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Kane, but we do *other stuff* too

Contrary to popular belief, Muslim women are not immune to sexual desires.

According to AboutIslam.net - an online network for Muslims - "Lingerie shops are, contrary to stereotypes, common in Muslim countries, where sex and procreation for married people are often encouraged by religious teaching."

He probably thinks hijabis shower with their scarves on

His "just a reporter" argument got its own share of backlash

Real version of the story: Creepy man standing outside Victoria's Secret taking notes

Kane tried to justify his tweet, then ended up deactivating his account

Source: Observer.com

Kane posted 18 responses justifying his post, saying that he had intended to celebrate diversity and point out a "joyful observation". 

But, as the Observer points out, he ended up deactivating his Twitter account.