Saudi Arabia's Shura Council voted in favor of a law that reduces work hours for private sector employees from 45 to 40 per week and grants them a two-day weekend, Al Arabiya reported on Wednesday. 

This is the second time in 12 months that the council votes on the order, which aims to amend articles 98, 100, and 104 of the country's labor law. 

The council had issued an initial approval on the decision last year but their ruling was opposed by the government at the time. 

It was then sent back to the council for reconsideration, but members have stood by the decision and have now approved it once again. 

The latest vote ends three years of debate over the new law and will come in favor of millions of nationals and expats who work in the country's private sector. 

To go into effect, it now awaits King Salman's royal order. 

"The Shura Council approves law that reduces work hours for private sector employees to 40 per week. The decision has now been sent to King Salman for approval." 

People react on social media

Soon after the Shura Council's second ruling on the matter began to make headlines, thousands took to Twitter, reacting to the news via the trending hashtag 'reducing work hours.' 

Private sector employees hailed the decision

"We want to get to see our friends and families, we want to get married and start families, all of this won't be possible when we're working 6 days a week. The current system is exhausting us and shattering our dreams."   

"I am one of those people who's experienced working 12-hour shifts and to be honest they were just unbearable"

"This decision benefits so many people and we're hoping for its final approval"

Others are super excited

"We're finally going to live just like everyone else!! Please tell me it's true that we're now going to have a two day weekend."  

"We hope that the royal order follows"