Egyptian food is something every single person on earth should be familiar with - because if you haven't tried it, you haven't really lived. 

BuzzFeed agrees and went out of its way to get Americans to try Egyptian food for the first time in a video that was released this month. 

"I really don't know much about Egypt, not to mention their food. I don't know what their food could be," a woman in the video said.

Another went on to ask if their cuisine includes "falafel and stuff" and then the trial officially began! 

It all started with Egypt's national dish, Koshari ... and these people couldn't help but fall in love

Because who doesn't love fried onions? Pasta? Lentils?

"I could eat this everyday"

Next comes "hawawshi" aka meat pies. Or "HOW WOW"

This duo would have preferred if there was some kind of dip on the side ...

Next up on the menu ... mulukhiya!

Most didn't exactly like the texture of the dish ... pointing at the "layer of grease"

Saying it acts as a natural lip balm because of its "gooey-ness"

Then it was time for some dessert ... not any kind, but UMM ALI!

One said the dessert is basically "heaven on earth"

But this guy said it tastes like "old cereal"

"Umm Ali is my favorite"

What's yours?