Lebanon's leading caricaturist and photographer Stavro Jabra passed away on Sunday at the age of 70 after a long battle with illness. 

The man, who would become a legend in the world of caricature was widely renowned for his work, which was published locally, regionally and internationally. 

Born in 1947,  he first took an interest in the art of cartooning during his years in high school. His earliest caricatures were published in 1967 in Al Sayad magazine, officially launching his career.

Jabra was also a photographer. In a series of photographs, he documented Lebanon's civil war (1975- 1990) as well as the post war years. He was honored as one of the best Contemporary Photographers of the Lebanese War by French magazine, Photo

Jabra's work has been published in numerous local and international publications including: L'Orient Du Jour, Al Anwar, Al Balad, Sada Lubnan, Flash, Al Dostoor, Al Jarida, The Daily Star and many more. 

His photographs, sketches and cartoons tackled politics, social issues and many other topics. Sarcastic but eloquent, his work always poignantly portrayed his vision of the truth. 



Jabra was also seen as an important social figure in Lebanon. As soon as news of his passing began circulating, people took to Twitter and other social media platforms to mourn his death and honor his memory through the hashtags - #StavroJabra & #ستافرو_جبرا 

Jabra's legacy lives on through an incredibly rich collection of works that will forever be remembered.