Protesters gathered in Beirut's Sassine Square Saturday to march for Women's Day under the pouring rain. 

Organized by a number of women's rights activists, including students, writers and a large group of leading feminist NGOs -- including Fe-Male and Sawt al Niswa -- the march saw around 1,000 protesters at its peak, activists said. They walked  the streets of Beirut under a collective theme: "our fronts are many, our struggle one."

People chanted slogans and hoisted placards, voicing why they were fighting for change, for equality, for women's rights. 

1. Bring on the fight

2. We won't be silenced!

3. A woman's place is "in the resistance"

4. "We should not fear walking the streets alone"

5. "Don't forget where you came from"

6. You could either grow a pair ...

7. Or if you really want to be tough ...

8. Because we're fierce AF!

9. At the end of the day ... girls just wanna have "fundamental rights"

10. It's time to "cook" the patriarchy

11. Remember: "Anything you can do ... I can do bleeding"

The march came a few days after the world celebrated International Women's Day on March 8. 

The very same week, Lebanon grieved the death of a 24-year-old woman who succumbed to her wounds a month after her husband had hit her on the head using a rock - becoming the country's first officially registered domestic violence homicide of 2017. 

Rayan Ilaali is one of many women in the country who suffer in silence. 

Dozens of women in Lebanon avoid seeking help, for fear that it might make things worse for them. 

Lebanese NGO KAFA has been fighting the social stigma that domestic abuse victims often face. The organization has also been demanding that the already existing domestic protection law be properly enforced. 

In 2016, reports on domestic violence in the country revealed that 44 percent of Lebanese people know a victim of domestic violence.