In a series of photographs posted to Instagram, local UAE photographer SK Sohaib Athfaan, captures life in Dubai like never before, focusing on moments in the daily lives of people who call the city their home.

Speaking to Stepfeed, Athfaan revealed more information about the series and what he aims to capture through it. 

"Dubai is such a busy place, one hardly gets time to reach out to people, let alone hear their stories and get a glimpse into moments of their lives," he said. 

Athfaan went on to explain that Dubai makes for the perfect backdrop to his series, with its beautiful sand dunes, interesting history, modern architecture and ever expanding art, fashion and cultural scenes - not to mention the diversity of its people. 

Through his series, the talented photographer said that he aims to capture the simple things in life. 

"I aim to capture, a smile, a tear hidden in someone's eyes, or a surprising moment, and I believe that every photo I take is a part of the subject's life, a part of the person himself." 

1. "Making them smile enlivens the spirit of photography"

2. "Beauty is made up of lights and shadows"

3. Juxtapositions

4. "Lost in a silhouette"

5. It's all in the details...

6. "Smiles that bring strangers together"

7. "Too tired to smile"

8. "Coconuts"

9. "We all have stories"

10. "Rocking the bun and beard!"

11. "Peace is the way"

12. Brotherhood bonds