Everyone goes through awkward moments in life, and Egyptians are no exception. But some moments tend to be weirder and much more hilarious than others.

Below are our picks of some of the most common situations we, as Egyptians, have to deal with. Can you think of any other ones?

1. Hearing someone describe Egypt as a desert with pyramids

This one is sure to make our blood boil! You've been warned.

2. You're Egyptian? I love belly dancing!

Uhm... Okay. Whatever makes you happy :)  

3. Same person: Yalla dance for us!

Egyptians: No!

4. Saudi classmates asking: So what is the name of your tribe?

Most of us don't have one :D 

5. When someone vandalizes our monuments

Keep your hands off our national treasures!


6. 'Creative' catcalling

I remember hearing a loud "Sabah El Kheir Ya Masr!!" while crossing the street with my family in K.S.A. That was the epitome of creativity, in my opinion, using the name of a famous TV show all Egyptians relate to to get your attention.

7. And when it's Ramadan and your spouse forgets to buy you a lantern!

Buy it yalla! Better late than never! 

8. Meeting a fellow Arab abroad and not knowing how many kisses to greet them with!

The struggle is real! :D 

9. Your foreign friends be like: Shall we meet 5 pm European time or Egyptian time?

No one ever trusts us for showing up on time; we're famous for being late! 

10. Getting really excited to see Egyptian actors in a Hollywood movie

Only to see them playing terrorists! 

Come on Hollywood, it's getting old! 

11. And last but not least, our favorite: "Egypt is in Africa?"

Yes, and it's the most populous Arab country in the continent.