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A UAE-based Pakistani expat murdered his boss with a meat cleaver after the latter refused to pay him the 500 dirhams ($136) salary raise they had agreed on, Khaleej Times reported

The employee is now standing trial in the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance on charges of premeditated murder and theft.

According to court documents, the motive behind the murder was the hesitation the defendant's employer, also a Pakistani national, had about paying the amount.

The salary increment would have raised the man's monthly pay from 1,000 dirhams ($272) to 1,500 dirhams ($408.) 

Angered by the false promise, the employee planned a murder

The man purchased a meat cleaver from a local store and then scheduled a meeting with his boss. 

The victim unknowingly drove the accused to a remote area to help him pick something up from a friend.

Once they were in a quiet neighborhood, the defendant hit his boss with the meat cleaver twice, once on the head and another on the neck. The blows caused his immediate death. 

According to Khaleej Times, "the defendant then drove the car and parked it on the roadside, leaving the deceased inside. The worker also took the victim's two mobile phones and laptop and fled the scene."

The defendant went in to work as normal after disposing of his boss' body

The day after the murder, the man attended work as usual but it wasn't late before his employer's body was found, leading investigations to him. 

Court records revealed that "CCTV cameras at the store from where the defendant bought the murder weapon helped the authorities identify the killer."

During his questioning, the accused initially denied his involvement in the murder, claiming he had purchased the cleaver for "personal safety use." 

Though he did later confess to murdering his boss, he still denied the murder charge in court. A verdict is expected to be announced on Oct. 29.