Source: NYPD

On Wednesday, two young Saudi sisters were found dead - and bound together - on the banks of New York City's Hudson River, Arab News reported

The deceased women, who have since been identified as Rotana Farea,22, and Tala Farea,16, were reported as missing by their mother one week ago. 

Their bodies were reportedly discovered by a passerby who immediately called the police.

Officers were then dispatched to the scene and found the women "unconscious and unresponsive with no obvious signs of trauma." Medical personnel declared both sisters dead at the scene. 

In a statement on the matter, police lieutenant Paul Ng said "the bodies of the two young women were tied together at the feet and waist with what he believed to be duct tape."

The victims' family has since spoken out

According to Akhbaar 24, the eldest of the two victims, Rotana, had been living in New York. 

The younger sibling had been living with their mother, who is based in Virginia, before visiting her sister. Two months ago, the mother reported Tala as missing, but later withdrew the report after the teenager was found visiting her sister in New York. 

Several rumors surfaced with regards to the girls' mysterious deaths, including claims that they'd been missing for two months. 

In a statement made public by members of the victims' family on Sunday, "they denied claims that the two sisters had been missing for two months." They also rejected claims that the two women had committed suicide. 

The girls' cause of death remains unknown

Late on Monday, the kingdom's consulate in New York issued a statement on the girls' deaths. 

In it, officials stated that they're investigating the matter in collaboration with U.S. authorities and are currently awaiting the results of post-mortem reports that are set to determine a cause of death. 

The consulate's officials also added that they are in close contact with the victims' family. 

The tragic case continues to make the rounds on Saudi Twitter

The mysterious death of the Saudi sisters left thousands shocked on the kingdom's social media. 

Many were horrified by the news

"What's bizarre is that they were tied up?? It looks like a homicide." 

Others were at a loss for words

"There's no power or strength but in God."  

Some believe more should be done to uncover the truth behind this crime

"That's it, that's all you could come up with? A statement? Don't ignore this case, these are Saudi girls who were murdered in the U.S. Where are our media outlets? Where are the viral hashtags and trends?"

Everyone prayed for the two young girls

"May God have mercy on their souls and grant their parents patience." 

Another Saudi student was found dead in Miami earlier this month

Saudi student Yasser Abualfaraj Source: Local 10

Earlier this month, Saudi student Yasser Abualfaraj was found dead in his apartment in Florida, where he was pursuing an architecture degree.

The body of the 23-year-old was discovered by his roommate. They had been living in a building situated opposite of the University of Miami, where he was studying.

Authorities reported the man's body was found with "multiple signs of trauma."

The Saudi Student Association at the university said investigations into the incident have confirmed it to be a murder, according to Al Arabiya.