Just days before several countries around the world switched their clocks back to standard time, Morocco decided to do away with it.

The North African country signed a draft decree on Friday, making "GMT+1 the official permanent time zone," according to BBC.

The draft decree puts Morocco's clock on permanent Daylight Savings Time all year round - despite the season - which in layman terms means people in the country won't be blessed with an extra hour of sleep in winter.

The decision was announced in a bid "to avoid multiple changes occurring many times during the year and their implications at multiple levels." 

Google still believes Morocco switched back to standard time

The sudden change left many people in a state of confusion, as users' devices automatically switched to standard time. 

Inwi, a telecommunication company in the country, told Morocco World News that the company "is not responsible for changing the clock time. This is a problem coming from the phones which are programmed automatically."

Previously, Morocco changed its clocks "four times per year, twice for DST and twice for the weeks of Ramadan," according to Morocco World News.

The decree has been dubbed "an experiment." 

According to Sky News, authorities believe the decision would "reduce electricity consumption" due to the extra hour of natural light. 

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