We've been trying to tell you about Arabs' savagery when it comes to paying the bill for quite some time now. This piece of paper that only requires heat to destroy it is the evil that tears Arab families and friends apart. Fights will erupt over who's going to pay a restaurant bill, there's no way around it. 

This fact was recently reaffirmed when tweep @Rawano posted footage of two women going into full Arab mode when it was time to pay a café bill. 

The Twitter user captioned her post with a "nobody" meme reference that's just right on point. 

Nope, this isn't a UFC fight

Arabs be like:

Can you relate?

"Why is this my whole family?"

"I died of laughter"

Did anyone else spot the shocked cashier?

This is the real deal

Fights that measure up to WWE games

But that's really an understatement

Now everyone wants an Arab friend